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NMC Logo Use Policy

The New Media Centers' logo is a trademarked symbol meant to identify entities and activities associated with the organization. Your center is free to use the logo to identify NMC people, places and things. You are also free to adapt the logo to make it reflect the unique characteristics of your center, within the guidelines. You may copy a logo below or contact NMC HQ for a different file format: nmc@newmediacenters.org.

You may use the complete version of the logo:

Or the abbreviated version:


As in the examples below, feel free to change color, texture, or images inside the basic N and M shapes in either the complete or abbreviated version. Please help us maintain the integrity of the image with these guidelines:

• Keep the N and M in the same proportion / relation to one another.

• Maintain the "c" as a copyright "©" symbol.

•Do not change the fonts.

• (Full version only) Keep NewMedia as one continuous word as it appears in the original logo. Please do not use the "stylized" words "New Media" or "Centers" separate from the N and M shapes.

• Please use the ®, registered trademark(this is an update from our previous logo usage rules)

Here are some other examples:


Here is Bennington's adaptation of the NMC logo (not for duplication):




Updated 01/04/02.

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