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NMC Lists

New Media Centers operates two e-mail lists for its members: NMC and NMCTAB. The NMC list is for Directors and primary corporate contacts, its focus is management/administrative subjects. The NMCTAB list is for general and technical subects of interest to the NMC community.

Posting to the Lists
Replying to postings
Administrative Issues
Vacation Setting
List Archives

Posting to the Lists: The lists will only distribute messages from subscribers. The address for posting to the NMC list is nmc@lists.princeton.edu The address for posting to the NMCTAB list is nmctab@lists.princeton.edu. IMPORTANT NOTE: In addition to being "controlled subscription," THE LISTS WILL ONLY DISTRIBUTE MESSAGES FROM SUBSCRIBERS. This means that if you subscribed to the list as sspade@u_malta.edu, but forward mail to Sam_Spade@falcon.net, messages sent from the latter address will be rejected.

Replying to postings: Please note that your reply WILL BE SENT TO THE ENTIRE LIST. If you do not want to do that, please start a new mail message with the individual's e-mail address.

Confidentiality: In order to maintain collegiality and candor, the NMC lists are controlled-subscription; material on the lists is intended only for subscribers. Therefore, postings should not be archived on a publicly accessible site. We also prefer that the lists not be redistributed to representatives of non-member organizations.

Administrative Issues: Please do not send e-mail meant for the NMC "home office" to the list. Use our main e-mail address ( nmc@newmediacenters.org). That's also the address you should use if you're having problems with the list, or need assistance with subscribing/unsubscribing.

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Subscribing: NMC's lists are both "controlled subscription." This means that all subscription requests must be handled by the NMC office in San Francisco; it is not possible to subscribe oneself to either list. Our policy is that all subscription requests must come through local center directors. The director should send the following information for the new subscriber:

• e-mail address
• name
• job title
• postal mailing address
• phone/fax numbers
• short (1-2 line) description of responsibilities at the NMC.

The requests should be addressed to: nmc@newmediacenters.org

Unsubscribing: Please send a note to the list manager at nmc@newmediacenters.org asking to be removed, not to the list that will go to everyone.


Digest: As with most lists, you can arrange to receive a "digest" mailing, so that all messages sent during the day arrive together as a single piece of mail. To do this, send e-mail to listproc@lists.princeton.edu with the body text set nmctab mail digest -OR- set nmc mail digest, or both, if necessary.

Vacation Setting: If you're going to be on vacation, you can suspend messages. In fact, we urge that you DO if you're going to be putting a "vacation message" on your account (so it doesn't get sent to the list every day!). To do this, send e-mail to listproc@lists.princeton.edu with the body text set nmctab mail postpone -OR- set nmc mail postpone, or both, if necessary. To cancel these features: again send e-mail to listproc@lists.princeton.edu with the body message: set nmctab mail -OR- set nmc mail.

List Archives: It is possible for subscribers to retrieve the archives of the lists. You send e-mail to: listproc@lists.princeton.edu the form of the command is: get nmctab log yymm. EXAMPLE: to get the archive for January, 1998, you'd send "get nmctab log9801." Of course, for the NMC list, you'd use get nmc logyymm.

Updated 01/04/02.

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