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Benefits of Corporate Membership

Core Benefits

As a corporate member of NMC, your organization has the opportunity to become an active partner with new media experts at a diverse array of colleges and universities. Here's what your membership can provide:

• Direct, 2-way communication with qualified customers at more than 100 new media centers

• Opportunities to build brand loyalty by creating user groups and demonstrating key technologies on campus

• Collaboration with academic and corporate leaders in new media to demonstrate, develop, or improve innovative uses for your products

• Reputation-enhancing influence and visibility that extends far beyond campus

Maximizing Your Return

We leave it up to you to decide how you can best benefit your business while contributing to NMC's goals. Like our other corporate members, you may choose to:

• Conduct focus groups, beta testing, test marketing for licensing and pricing, and other market research on campuses that match target demographics

• Take full advantage of our annual Summer Conference as a forum to demonstrate new technologies and techniques through hands-on sessions

• Find serendipitous opportunities for collaborating with other corporate members through our Corporate Advisory Board

• Offer preferential pricing on certain products to campus New Media Centers

• Frequent our online discussion groups to learn about the challenges schools face in using your products in a heterogeneous environment

• Sponsor NMC programs and events

• Working with faculty and staff from campus New Media Centers to develop new applications for existing technologies as well as new technologies for currently unmet needs

Complete details on the levels and benefits of NMC Corporate Membership are provided in the Guide to Corporate Membership and Benefits.

Updated 09/17/02.

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