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How to Become an Academic Member

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The New Media Consortium is always looking for opportunities to invite outstanding organizations to apply for membership, and applications are accepted at any time. As the name implies, the academic membership is composed predominately of accredited insitutions of higher education, but other types of not-for-profit organizations -- museums, for example -- have been admitted becauseof their clear and strong commitment to the creative application of technology. To be considered for membership, you are asked to complete an application that shows your organization meets the following criteria:

• Impact - The institution has a noticeable impact on the use of new media in teaching and learning or the advancement of new media as a discipline or a means of artistic expression.

• Innovation - The institution demonstrates innovative methodologies, assessments, pedagogy, or uses of new media in a distinctive and innovative manner, and through industry partnerships.

• Collaboration - The institution engages in collaborative activites, both within the NMC and within other communities.

• Diversity - The institution adds to the diversity of NMC members through its location, institution size or type, student population, and/or structure.

• Viability - The institution has a realistic budget to support its technology efforts and an adequate level of staffing and administration support to accomplish its proposed goals.

Each application for membership is reviewed by a panel of members, who either make a recommendation that the organization be admitted to membership, or provide feedback to the institution on how their application might be improved. The review process normally takes about 2-3 weeks.

Application for academic membership (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Rubrics: Criteria for the admissions process (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) Acrobat Reader logo

Please call NMC headquarters at 512.445.4200 or e-mail us at nmc@nmc.net if you have further questions.

Updated 09/17/02.

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