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What is New Media?

The term "new media" is a moving target. It can be described as new technology, such as DVD, haptics, streaming video, wireless transmission and Internet 2. But new media can also be described as new uses for existing technologies, such as digital libraries, interactive story telling, and distance learning.

What is a New Media Center?

The place on academic campuses where new media is incorporated into teaching and learning. In some cases it is the place where the emerging field of new media is being developed.

New Media Centers: the organization

New Media Centers is a non-profit organization that brings forward-thinking colleges and universities together with innovative high-tech companies to explore new ways of teaching and learning through new media. Founded in 1993, NMC has grown to include more than 100 educational institutions, connecting them to the resources they need to develop new media centers in their libraries, computing centers, and various academic departments. With the help of our corporate members, these centers give faculty and students alike access to the immense potential of new media. As a result, our members are able to devise and demonstrate solutions and technologies that can be used in a wide variety of educational settings. NMC also provides a variety of members-only forums where our community of innovators in academia can learn from each other about pedagogical, legal, and technological issues in new media.

NMC enables its academic members to:

• open doors to the best minds and products at top high-tech firms

• incorporate new media into their existing curriculum

• connect to a diverse community of people finding solutions to similar challenges

• offer cutting-edge staff development

• build and enhance programs within the emerging discipline of new media studies

• prepare students for new media careers

As a conduit to some of the most technology-friendly colleges and universities in the nation, NMC gives its corporate members the opportunity to:

• collaborate with academic leaders

• build brand recognition

• beta-test new technologies

If your organization shares our goal of using new media to transform the way people teach and learn, it may be eligible to become a member of New Media Centers. For more information about joining NMC, visit the Corporate Members or Academic Members sections of this site!

Updated 02/25/02.

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