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Five Minutes of Fame at NMC Summer Conference 1999

June 24,1999 University of California, Santa Barbara

"Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century"
Clair Dougherty, Northwestern University

Northwestern University, has mounted a pilot version of the Video Encyclopedia of the Twentieth Century, a collection of 83 hours of video footage and text annotations covering important social, political, historical, and entertainment events of the twentieth century.

"The Last Expression: Art from Auschwitz"
Dennis Glenn, Northwestern University

The Last Expression: Art from Auschwitz is a collaborative project between the Northwestern University Academic Technologies Department and the Mary and Leigh Block Museum. The on-line site is being prepared for release in the fall of 1999. Features will include high-quality streamed video interviews with surviving artists from the camp (translated into seven languages) and interactive tours of present-day Auschwitz. For more information: last-expression@nwu.edu

"The Dante Project"
Paula Hulick, Princeton University

The Dante Project is the result of an 18-month project initiated by Prof. Robert Hollander and made possible by Princeton's New Media Center, The PLACE. The project uses DHTML, and Oracle database and scripting to dynamically deliver Dante's Divine Comedy to students and Dante scholars.

"Painless- PC with Netscape"
Lou Zweier, Cailfornia State University Center for Distributed Learning

The CDL is engaged in a process to develop scalable and sustainable software and learning objects. Painless is an interactive project for training nurses that can be used in a variety of situations.

Chris Garvin, The University of the Arts

Genres is a work creadted by Imri Merit for the interactivity studio class in the sophomore year of the multimedia cirriculum. This application allows the user to both learn about electronic music genres, and create their own compositions.

"OLIT 501"
Debby Knotts and Adrian Miura, University of New Mexico

The OLIT 501 web-based instructional systems design course is a collaboration between the College of Education's Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology programs and UM's New Media Centers program.

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