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Five Minutes of Fame at League For Innovation

Thursday, October 21, 1999
Haymarket Room, Hyatt Regency, Chicago

"New Media Center Tour"
McHenry College

Come along on a tour of our New Media Center which integrates media in learning environments both on and off campus. You'll see smart classrooms, faculty and staff who are infusing the curriculum with digital enhancements, outreach to the community, and development of new curriculum in digital video and web authoring for our Associate of Fine Arts degree. http://www.mchenry.cc.il.us/

"The Electronic Music Webliography: An Electronic Music Resource Database by and for students"
DeAnza College

We'll give you the first report from this project, barely a month old! Students in electronic music do a lot of troubleshooting and research in order to deal with the vast range of software and hardware that they run into. http://midigod.deanza.fhda.edu/

"Schedule Builder"
Terra College

Plagued by a Horribly Outdated (TM) Student Information System? Wish you could get into cool stuff on the web, like interactive online registration but don't know how to make your old codger of a system do the tricks needed to make it work? See how Terra did it with Schedule Builder, a locally built web utility for student registration using Perl scripts that solves these problems seamlessly. http://www.terra.cc.oh.us/nmc-league.html/

"Making Sense of pH"
Golden West College

CDROM and Web Page Builder addresses one of the most difficult and complex topics for Biology students, allowing them to progress at their own individual rate while tracking their performance. Newly equipped with computers on their desktops, faculty can use the locally developed application Web Page Builder to create and update course webpages, automatically updating the campus website. http://cyber.gwc.cccd.edu/league/index.html

"Managing Problem Employees"
Century College
This course was developed for our continuing education department, in partnership with the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). The course will provide 4-6 hours of self-paced self-instruction, starting in January 2000. It uses video (edited using non-linear systems) and WebCT software to deliver online multimedia content. Get a preview at the League! http://www.century.cc.mn.us/

"Digital Media Technology Majors"
Terra College
This year Terra rolled out three new majors in Digital Media Technology: eCommerce/Web Design, Digital Communication/Storytelling & Digital Animation. See the early results through the work of the students themselves! Learn about this exciting new multidisciplinary approach that has already exceeded all expectations for enrollments. http://www.terra.cc.oh.us/nmc-league.html

"New Media Center as a Grant Asset"
Houston Community College System

We started out five years ago doing high-end multimedia CD-ROMs, and completed almost three dozen of them. During the past three years, a team of 15 developers serving five campuses has been able to transfer the skills we learned to a new kind of support-helping folks who are applying for grants. As part of a NSF grant proposal, we used video and the web to develop and distribute GIS (Geographic Information Systems) lab exercises to two-year programs nationally, and show how industry actually uses GIS. A Title V grant proposal will focus on the development of the Instructional Technology Certificate for faculty who are becoming more proficient with new technology. http://www.hccs.cc.tx.us/

You can visit the League for Innovation web site at http://www.leaguetlc.org/.

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